Samhain Hom Sha Bom (samhain_voodoo) wrote in i_kiss_gurls,
Samhain Hom Sha Bom


Name: Samhain
Age: 21
Where do you live?: Florida
What are your 7 fav bands?: Insane Clown Posse Twiztid Boondox Dark Lotus Dethklok Blaze Ya Dead Homie Tech N9ne
Do you think your pretty?: I think I have a pretty face
If you do. . . why?: my face is nicely shaped
If you dont. . . why?: my body has gotten out of control and I need to exercise more
What is one thing you hate about the way you look?: my arms and stomach
What is one thing you love about the way you look?: my breasts and backside
What is your sexual preferance? bisexual
Occupation: Zombie hunter

Fun fact: My nickname is actually pronounced "Sow-wen" but I accept the bastardization of "Sam-Hane" Jamie Madrox pronounced it this way and hell if I'm gonna correct him lol.

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