... (lovyemster) wrote in i_kiss_gurls,

I'm out but are u?

I came out of that stank closet

Hidden in denial and fear

To accept who I am

Everyday of my life

So many jokes of homosexuality

My ears hear as my soul cries

For I know who I am

But if I step out of this closet

And reveal to all others

There’s no going back

There will be no doors to shield my heart

From the terrors of my society

I may lose all that’s has meaning

But why should I live within four walls

With no windows or blossom flowers

For why I shall I imprison myself

When society continues to do it for me

I’m only reminded of how satanic I am

And how being my being is disgusting

By those that judge me by my sexual preference

For I am, who I am, a lesbian

One that shall no longer hide behind curtains

Nor the shade of a tree

Or even deny who I’d rather sleep with

One that shall scream with pride who I am

As I step out of this stank closet

Before you all

If you’d like to judge, discriminate or even oppress

You may begin because I am not going back

Into that stank closet
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