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This is a letter that I wrote to the 12th grader that I was greatly infatuated by!!!

Hi Ciara

My name is Yema, I’m a sophomore. You may not know me but I have found you to be very attractive ever since early November. But didn’t now how to tell you and since the last time I liked a girl and told her she got totally freaked on me. I didn’t want déjà vu on my hands so I tried to weigh the crush out, but evidently that didn’t work. I even tried to approach you once by asking you to read a poem I wrote for (titled “Be It So”) while you were in your Spanish class but you gave it to some other chick. I know that there’s like a 100 % chance that your straight and I’m not trying to disrespect your sexual preference in any way what so ever but I’m trying to pick myself up out of the pit I’m in that I some how created for myself. I mean come on who has a crush on a person for like almost four months and the person may not even know their name. Oh yeah I almost forgot that’s me. I don’t know if I’m truly pathetic but I know I’m close enough and it’s mostly because I’m gay and have no gaydar (ability to differentiate gay from straight). I’m a poetic person so I write poems on the emotions I feel at any given time and I’ve been full of emotions due to the never ending crush I have for you. I’ve written 14 poems, I know that, that alone may make me seem really weird, like the chick doesn’t even know me and she writes not 1or 2 poems but 14. I don’t know why I happen to write so many, but let’s just say I’m very creative and have no life. I can’t say for sure what I’m asking of you but I really need some form of closure because I’m like making myself depressed by liking a chick that doesn’t even know if I exist on the face of this Earth. But what I think I’m asking you is to be polite and not freaked please don’t be freaked because I’m really a nice person but I just have a tendency of coming off weird. The main thing I’d say you should know is that it took me almost four months to get this off my chest, now according to my calculation that’s a third of a year. That’s a really long time and within that time it’s been really hard with butterflies and suddenly losing focus when you pass me by or when I hear your voice. And then trying to talk to you but finding it practically impossible because instead of the words rolling off my tongue I ended up choking by them going down so fast. I want to let you in on a little secret I go to the same gym class with you only because of you, yeah I know I’m coming off weird again but I just wanted to get myself into things that might have given me the opportunity to talk to you which did work but only on one occasion. It was some week when we were playing basketball not as a game but just practice shooting and you were like your really good and I was like…..”She just said something to me”, but I didn’t have a clue on how to respond. The following week we played the actual basketball game and you were on the other team but just seeing you smile and so anxious to some how get the ball assured me that my time there wasn’t wasted. I know I may have spoken to you on other occasions but very brief if anything at all was said. When I told you that the outfit you had on was nice which was on Friday in the bathroom I couldn’t even believe the words that finally rolled off my tongue. But the timing was off, I mean you like had your jacket on so how was I seeing the outfit, I felt like such a ditz. The guts alone that I had to build up to say something to you were just very wearisome. But I’ve reached a time when I think I don’t care if telling you will result in me getting hurt like for instance, you going to guidance saying your being harassed and me getting a phone call home or you telling the whole school that some weird chick like wrote poems for you, or even you like making faces when ever you see me. I mean I would love if this was handle maturely and I do think your capable of doing that but I thought that the last girl was mature to, but she proved me very wrong. And personally if I were straight (that’s kind of funny to even think of) and a girl liked me and wrote me a whole bunch of poems I’ll be flattered, I mean come on think about it, not only do guys think I’m fine but so do girls I’d feel like I was all that and some Spanish food (yummy), but that’s just me. As for a request I’d like you to know that however you respond to this I’ll still respect you as a person. But I do want you to know that you are really fine I mean don’t listen to people, regardless to your acne which you have no control over and I have no problem with, I think you are truly curvaceous, them hips you got OMG and your smile is absolutely gorgeous I almost forgot the behind, I mean you got a little phatty going on (don’t get uncomfortable on me, I just think I should address this because I know I’ve heard you talking about your acne on a couple of occasions and how it’s hard to deal with so I just want you to know that what comes below the face is getting recognition) .I also think you have a lot to offer as a person. I may not know you but I do know enough of you to truly say that your one of a few. I don’t know if you remember when you were helping the seventh grade and it seemed as if a lot of people wanted to know your birthday, yeah that was a request of mine…Nothing serious. Just if you can read my poems
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